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(2006) Bigg Robb - 8 Tracks & 45's

01 Intro
02 I'm Ready 2 Party
03 Keep On Swinging
04 Record Shoppin'
05 Tha Good Old Dayz
06 It's Still Ruff Out Here (Feat. Sugarfoot & Sure 2 B)
07 Groove On (Feat. B Soul, Sure 2 B and Charllie Wilson)
08 Slow Dance 2
09 Bigg Man Love - Good Love (Medley)
10 I Thought She Was At Home With The Kids (Feat. Da Problem Solvas)
11 Uncle Penny's Groove
12 A Message From Blowfly
13 Flip It!
14 Joy Box
15 Playtime For The Grown Folks
16 Mama's Song (Feat. Shirley Murdock and Karen Graves)
17 Ride Ya Pony - White Horse (Medley)
18 Bigg Woman (Remix)

Vocals: Bigg Robb
Backing Vocals: Sure 2B, Robert Smith II, Henry "Bigg Woo" King, Shirley Murdock, Carla Smith, Eba Marie Porter, Michelle Phillips, R.3, Destiny Smith, Gregory Jackson, Tiffany Troutman, Karen Graves, Henry Benefield, B.Soul
Strings: Terry "Zapp" Troutman
Drumz Keyz: Bigg Robb, Sure 2B, Dale DeGroat
Bass: Bigg Robb, Sure 2B
Vocoder: Bigg Robb, Sure 2B
Guitar: Sure 2B
Harmonica: Sure 2B
Talk-Box ("robboxx voice vox"): Sure 2B, Terry "Zapp" Troutman
Horns: Sure 2B
Accoustic Drums: Robert Smith II
Drum Programming: Robert Smith II
Sax: Teddy Patterson
Scratching: The Sugar Daddy From Cincinnati
Produced by: Robert "Bigg Robb" Smith and Bart "Sure 2B" Thomas
Neste album de 2006 Bigg Robb vem muito bem acompanhado, nomes como Sugarfoot ("It's Still Ruff Out Here"), Charllie Wilson ("Groove On") e Shirley Murdock ("Mama's Song"), além de Blowfly, alguns membros do Zapp e dos companheiros do Da Problem Solvas.

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