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(2004) Da Problem Solvas - Every Woman Deserves 2 B Satisfied

01 Bigg Robb Presents
02 The Weekend
03 Woman In Denial (skit)
04 Man Next Door
05 Your Love (The Macaroni & Cheese Song)
06 Let Me See You Shake It (Hot Sauce On Chicken)
07 8 Tracks N 45's Commercial
08 Keep On Steppin (Steppers Song)
09 Baby Im Sorry
10 The Same Thing (Running Out Of Lies Medley)
11 B.C. Skit
12 Grown Folks Muzic #2
13 Bigg Robb Talks To The Fellas
14 Honey Love (Remix)
15 Niecy Thomas Skit
16 Every Woman Deserves 2 B Satisfied!
17 Message From Da Problem Solvas
18 Man Next Door (Radio Edit)

Produced: Bigg Robb
Lead Vocals: Bigg Woo, Sure 2B, Bigg Robb, Mama Bigg and Vee Gibson
Voicebox: Sure 2B
Drums: Bigg Robb, Sure 2B, Robert Smith III, Chip Wilson
Bass: Sure 2B, Bigg Robb
Bass Guitar: Bart Thomas
Keyboards: Sure 2B, Dale DeGroat, Bigg Robb
Guitar: Sure 2B, Don Manor, Danny Smith
Scratching: The Sugar Daddy From Cincinnati
Flute: Wanda Rash
Saxaphone: Teddy Paterson

All songs written by Bigg Robb and Sure 2B, except "Baby I'm Sorry" (Bigg Robb and Dale DeGroat), "The Same Thing" (Frank Johnson) and "Honey Love" (R. Kelly)

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