quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2007

(2005) Bigg Robb & The We Care Allstars - Southern Cares

01 Intro (Rev. Walter M Bledsoe)
02 It's Gonna Be Allright

03 The Bigg Robb Freeze
04 Tune Up (Feat. Bigg Woo)
05 Down South Party
06 Grown Folks Music #2 (Feat. Da Problem Solvas)
07 Why You Tryin To Holla @ Me?

08 8 Tracks N 45's Commercial
09 The Weekend (Feat. Da Problem Solvas)
10 The Body Song
(Mama Big)
11 Southern Ladies (Remix - Feat. Gregory ''Uncle Love'' Jackson)

12 It Aint Nuthin But A Party (Feat. Mallia ''The Queen Of Funk'' Franklin)
13 It's Gonna Be Allright (TV Mix instrumental)

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